Saturday, April 22, 2017

The GigaPan portfolio of mine is now available on fabric. 

VIDA, an artist group out of S.F.

They produce exquisite imaging on silk, cashmere up to 7 feet long and 54 inches wide..
Many of my works from the last eight years will be available. 

Take any of my images.....

Take any of these images... and behold...

 Bow Lake Reflections
 The Moul Creek cabin

As a silk and cashmere scarf  tapestry 28" x 80"

 Sheer Silk wraps front and back  

 Modern Tee 

 Easter Lily accent cushion

 Bum steer cushion
available in sheer or matt.

Birch Bark  Modal cashmere silk scarf

 The Churn Creek panorama  28x80

 Treebeard.  30"x 80"

Need I say more????


Prices start at $40

All the way up to $675  for a 54"x 80"
The prices are a fraction  (roughly 16%) of the price of a canvas which sells for: $1 per square inch.
Custom orders accepted.